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Mixed Flower’s Honey [1 KG]


  • RAW Mixed Flower’s Honey – 1 KG
  • Non Pasteurized 100% Pure RAW Honey
  • All are Collected from Moumachi’s Own Bee Farm
  • Natural Remedy
  • Natural Superfood
  • Great Health Benefits
  • Natural Disease Resistant
  • Helps to lose Extra Weight
  • Helps to Boost Metabolism
  • Fight Against Harmful Bacteria
  • Helps to Improve Sexual Function
  • Helps to Boost Up Immune System
  • Contains More Anti-Oxidant and Other Nutrition Content Compared to Regular Honey.
  • Mixed Flower’s Honey usually Mixed up with 3/4 Honey (Litchi, Sorisha & KaloJira) to Make a Perfect Balanced Taste of Natural Mixed Honey.
  • All Flower’s Honey is collected through Special Bee Boxes Placed Next to that Flower’s or Tree’s Field.
  • RAW Mixed Flower’s Honey May Partially Crystalized in winter or at Low Temperature.

RAW Mixed Flower’s Honey has a Perfect Luscious Honey Aroma and a Smooth Sweet Taste and may also create a Thin Foamy Layer on Top.



Source Various Flower
Brand MoumachiTM
Gross Weight 1,080 (±10) Gram
Net Weight 1,020 (±10) Gram
Packaging Information Food Grade PET-1 Jar
Region of Origin Bangladesh

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100% Pure Organic RAW Honey from Moumachi's Own Bee Farm. We Brings 100% Pure & RAW Honey Directly from Our Own Bee Farm to You

Things about RAW Honey:

Based on Source of Collecting Honey (e.g. Different Types of Flower), Weather and Flower's Nectar; Honey's Taste, Color and Flavor Varies. In RAW Honey Anti-Oxidant, Live Enzyme, Pollen Particle and Other Nutrition Contents Found More than Regular Honey. With time Raw Honey’s Color, Taste and Flavor could be changed, which has no negative impact of Nutrition Value of Honey. Some Honey can also be partially or fully crystalized in Winter Season or at Low Temperature and it doesn’t mean Honey has spoiled. You can also take Crystalized Honey.


Do not Preserve Honey in Direct Sunlight or in Refrigerator. Store at Room Temperature and Dry Place. Do not use wet spoon to take out Honey from Jar. Always use Clean, Dry Spoon. RAW Honey can Produce Gas and also becomes Foamy Based on Type of Honey.


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